5 Reasons To Read A Funny Book Next

4 Funny Humour Books

You do not have to be a child or comedian to read funny books. Albert Einstein — a pretty serious theoretical physicist — did.

Here are five reasons why humor books are essential plus a set of funny reading recommendations to get you started.

One of Albert Einstein’s favorite pastimes during the last months of his life — which commonly is the time when people do more of what they deem important — was reading the humorist collection of Yiddish short-stories called None by Jacob Adler, an actor and writer for the Jewish Daily Forward.

Humor isn’t amongst the most popular of reading categories but it should be. Here are five reasons why you should follow Einstein’s lead and pick up something funny for your next bedside book.

1.Humans love laughter 

On average, humans feel the urge to laugh 17 times a day. Try to think about your day so far: did you follow through on these laughing opportunities or restrain yourself?

It is likely that you held back from breaking out into a good, heartfelt laugh. Perhaps you were afraid to be unprofessional at work or didn’t want to draw attention to yourself on the train.

Reading a funny book will help you make the most of these lost moments and reap the benefits of laughter.  

2.Laughter Reduces Stress

Funny books make you laugh and laughter just happens to be a healing mechanism for the human body.

One way laughter heals is by acting as a safety valve through which a host of negative emotions and accumulated stress can be safely discharged.

Too much stress suppresses the immune system, raises blood pressure and increases the number of blood platelets in the arteries which then may cause obstructions and strokes.

Reading a humorous books is an easy way to destress and live a longer, happier life.

3.Laughter is exercise

Did you get to go to the gym as planned today or take that daily post-launch walk you penciled into your schedule? No, then start reading a funny book.

Studies have shown that laughter is a form of bodily exercise and has a host of physical benefits such as building muscles and aerobic endurance.

Laughing over a funny read may not be sufficient as an exercise replacement but it can definitely supplement your efforts.

4.Laughter boosts your mood 

Ever wonder why children are so much more easygoing than adults? Maybe because they laugh so much more. Every day. At virtually anything.

Children also know what makes them laugh and make a point to do more of it in order to purposely induce laughter. As adults, this is behavior worth learning from.

Physicians and psychologists advise people to actively seek ways to laugh more because of its positive physical and mental impact, including being a mood booster.

So you can go ahead and swap that self-help book for a funny read this time around, and not feel guilty about it.

5.Laughter is engaging

David Nihill’s popular course "Become a Better and Funnier Speaker" is highly worth taking if you want to go beyond a book and learn how to use laughter as a personal or professional tool.

In this course, David shows how humor is critical for successful communication. Entertaining your audience not only makes them more receptive to your message but it also makes the information you deliver stick.

Effective communication and public speaking is a skill you can develop with practice and the right frameworks. And being funny can be learned.

David delivers 4 hours of video material using secrets from powerful speakers and replicable techniques from the most successful TED talks, top business speakers and professional comedians.

He addresses how to turn even dry content into something interesting, provides punch line methods used by comedians and offers practical ways to memorize material and overcome stage fright. 

So grab a funny book to laugh more, then take this top-rated communication course to turn laughter into a tool for success.