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7 steps to making the most out of Great Reads

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step 1: explore leaders

Search our collection of 200+ books by renowned thinkers, creatives and entrepreneurs and read the books that shaped the greatest minds.

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step 2: Browse books

Have a particular topic in mind? You can also browse our book collection by category including business, government, history and more.

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Step 3: Read Articles

If you are seeking actionable insights, read our articles where we uncover and extract powerful ideas from the books in our collection.


Step 4

Read Better

Receive our 9-step guide to refining your reading routine and getting more out of your books  

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step 5: view Quotes

For inspirational words to inspire yourself or others, view our list of great quotes from the great minds we’ve featured.

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step 6: shop essentials

Want elevated tools and accessories for your personal study or workspace? Then shop our hand-picked selection of essentials.

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step 7: submit books

Is your favorite book or thought leader missing from our list? We’d love to add it. Please submit your recommendations to our directory.